Sri Kodandarama Swamy Temple

Temple History

Sri Kodandaramaswamy Temple , Ejipura

Our history

A Journey of
Five Decades


Existing Sanctums of the Lord's

Lord Rama | Lord Krishna | Lord Vishnu

Find tranquility in Rama Temple's sacred aura, where the divine presence of Lord Rama embodies righteousness, courage, and devotion, offering solace and inner peace
Experience Krishna Temple's enchanting realm where love and devotion intertwine. Surrender to Lord Krishna's divine playfulness, wisdom, and boundless love, amidst melodious chants and vibrant rituals.
Embark on a spiritual odyssey at Vishnu Temple, encountering Lord Vishnu's awe-inspiring presence. Marvel at the resplendent deity, delve into devotion and embrace profound serenity.

Donations are exempted under 80 g and eligible for tax deductions

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